Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

Kinda-sorta gluten-free

So, we are now what I like to call a “kinda-sorta” gluten-free (GF) family.

By that, I mean we’ve stopped eating obvious things, like wheat-based breads and breaded foods, traditional pastas, etc.

However, we aren’t exactly careful about things like: restaurant dishes containing soy sauce (we have GF soy sauce at home, at least), or trace amounts/cross-contamination issues.

Yet. We’ll get there eventually.

People will tell you that going GF is an “all or nothing” thing. That you have to cut out gluten completely (including non-ingested products, or anything possibly contaminated). Otherwise, they say, it does no good.

Well, for us, doing “some” is doing some good.

Forgive the TMI ahead, but we’re already seeing positive changes in the digestion department. 😉

Emily has had “potty issues” since birth. She’ll go days between movements, or she’ll get diarrhea for days (two weeks straight once!). Even when things are “normal,” there’s a nagging feeling that she’s not getting rid of all she needs to get rid of.

Probiotics have helped her a lot over this past year or so. She was originally given some from her doctor following the two-week diarrhea incident that brought concerned mommy into his office. It was to be a one-time thing, to help her get her “balance” following an illness. However, it helped her so much (including behaviorally) that I started giving them daily. In fact, she’ll remind me (by pointing) if I forget the “tummy powder” in her juice.

However, it seems her somewhat excessive wheat/gluten consumption was at least part of the potty problem.

Since we’ve cut out gluten-filled breads, tortillas (the worst “stopper” for her!) and snacks (like crackers), it seems like she is able to get more out.

She’s also been better about wanting to use the potty, which is MAJOR!

DH and I are feeling much less of that “ick” feeling after meals. You know, that, “Why’d I eat that? I feel gross now” feeling? Yeah. That. So, that’s good. We only have that feeling now when we go a little carb/sugar crazy.

We’re working on that, too.

It’s all a process. We’re getting healthier, one step at a time.


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