Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

There is kindness out there

So, following my last class in Medical Assisting (woo!), we went out to celebrate (DH, Emily and I).

We went to a local sushi place that has become a favorite spot of ours. It’s really good, all you can eat, made to order (!), for $20 ($13 at lunch time, with a slightly smaller menu).

I should preface this next bit with some information on Emily and restaurants. In short: she’s not a fan of them, generally. The kitchen noises, people moving all over, and whatever else it is she doesn’t like.

However, she likes this place, because she can have all the edamame (soybeans) she wants, and the staff thinks everything she does is adorable. She still gets… restless, but if she takes off, it’s usually just back to the little salad bar where the edamame is.

Recently, we’ve taken to letting Emily watch things on Netflix (on the iPad or our phones) while we eat. It helps her focus on the sights and sounds she enjoys, rather than those that bother her.

Well, guess what? Netflix went down while we were in this restaurant. She does not react well to a change in her plan, especially if it involves her shows!

Also, she’d fallen asleep in the car for only a few minutes and woke up when we arrived. That’s not good, either.

So, total crying, screaming meltdown ensued. Before any of us had had very much to eat.

I took her to the bathroom, because running water in a sink usually helps calm her (especially if she puts her hands under it).

It worked. Until we got back out into the dining room.

Finally, DH asked for the check, and explained we needed to go. Meanwhile, very kind servers spoke very gently to Emily, trying to calm her.

The woman (who I think is one of the owners) brought back our bill. She’d only charged us for one dinner.

Everyone was so kind and accommodating. There were no stares
(well, maybe from other patrons), no one asking us to leave (in fact, they really tried to have us stay). It kept an embarrassing situation from becoming a humiliating one.

I will be forever grateful.

Oh, and p.s.: Netflix started working when we got to the car. Really??


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