Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

So, about school…

So far, so good!

Emily is attending an ASD pre-K class, four hours, five days per week.

Her teacher keeps in good contact (so far), even asking me about certain behaviors and what they mean, etc. Very nice to be asked why my daughter is spitting, rather than someone just assuming it’s a sign of aggression. It’s not. She just thinks it’s hilarious (unfortunately).

I told her that when Emily went through a spitting phase before, I told her “go to the sink if you need to spit.” Eventually, she decided the trek wasn’t worth it, so she just stopped. Teacher liked that idea and said they’d give it a try.

When I drop her off and pick her up, Emily seems rather “deer in the headlights,” as I put it. A bit dazed and confused. I think that’ll pass, with time and with stopping the cough meds. 😉


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