Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

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Two HUGE things…

1. Well, #1.

Emily conquered her fear of using public potties (or any potty other than her own, as the case was)!

Her teacher and aides have been working on training, so I guess doing that was enough to snap her out of her routine.

She is now officially trained for #1, including when we’re out shopping, stopping at a park during a road trip, etc. I’m so proud.

Now, #2 training is taking some more time, but we’ll get there. She still prefers to kind of… hide and go in her pull-up type thing. Unless she’s running around bottomless at home, then she may run in and go on the potty if no one is watching. I think she feels too pressured or embarrassed to do it with a “chaperone.”

She is not yet expressing vocally that she needs to go potty. It’s one of those just take her every so often or she holds it for hours kind of things.

Still… going anywhere outside of her old routine is HUGE!!

2. Word surge!

Just a few minutes ago, I offered Emily a piece of fruit “leather.” It’s like a fruit roll-up, but a little thick rectangle, not so sticky, and it’s all natural.


I usually list flavors to choose from, just to make conversation, knowing she’ll just echo an “answer” at the end of the list or if I pause.

So, here I am: “What would you like? We have raspberry, strawberry, grape, apple, apricot.”

(I await “apricot!” as a reply, because it’s what I said last).

Emily: “I’d like grape.”

Me: *gasp* *tear up* *lavish praise and high-fives upon child*

Not only did she pick something from the middle of the list, she answered in a three-word sentence! Are you kidding me!? That is HUGE!!

The latter was shortly after an Epsom salt and baking soda soak/bath. Coincidence? Most likely, but you’d better believe I’m trying that again!


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