Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

Holy regression, Batman!

*sigh* So, you know that kid who’d been making all sorts of progress?

The one who randomly started stringing more words together? The one who hasn’t hit herself or others in ages? The one who started sleeping on such a great schedule? The one who was suddenly easier to parent?

She’s gone.
Hopefully, she’s only on vacation.

We got “glutened”…and maybe “artificial colored,” as well. I ordered her grilled chicken and French fries. Apparently, something in there was a bad idea. Seasonings? Marinades? A sudden sensitivity to cross-contamination?

Emily went into the restaurant calm, and about midway through dinner, was a stimming, hyper, restless… mess.

DH and I are messed up, too, but not as dramatically as Emily.

She barely slept, the cold she was almost over is back in full swing, some long-gone stims are back, and they brought some new friends.

Finger flicking? She’s never done that in her life! But there she was, flicking away on her way out of the bath tub (I’d plopped her down in an Epsom salt and baking soda soak in an effort to “detox” whatever happened to her).

She took off out the laundry room door, into the garage and out to the yard, without a word to anyone. Thankfully, it was the backyard and the little alarm chimes went off for each door she opened.

She hasn’t “eloped” in months!

She’s screaming (at me, at no one, when upset, when not), hitting (herself and me), and her desire to be destructive has also returned.

She’s also a daredevil again. Just flinging herself here and there, forgetting some things are dangerous. Things she “knew better” than to do… yesterday.

Also, the random manic giggle fits are back. Those had been gone a while, as well.

On the plus side, she doesn’t seem too much less verbal, and doesn’t seem to have lost too many skills (although, there are a few things I had to explain/teach again today).

Now, for my non-food-related theory:
She was out of school a few days in a row, between sick days and the weekend. I know many kids regress when their routine is messed up, especially school, where she’s receiving a lot of specialized attention and help.

This could account for SOME of if, but not all.

It also wouldn’t cause her gut reaction — I mean that literally — the way her gut reacted. She has the type of #2s that only come from gluten exposure.

I’ll spare you the details of what that entails. It’s nasty.

Ugh. Just when you think things are going to be better… BAM!!

Lesson learned. Don’t be afraid to be a problem customer. Be “that guy” if you have to! Keep your little one safe!


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