Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

I Wish…

I’ve said a lot of “I wish…,” “I hope” and “I pray” lately. I thought I’d make a list.

Maybe some will come true and I’ll be able to remind myself where we started from.

I wish/hope/pray…

  • My kid wasn’t sick virtually all the time. Her immune system is so messed up! It’s heartbreaking. She doesn’t feel good and I can’t fix it.
  • Emily could tell me things about herself. Her favorite color, how her day was, how she’s feeling (she has “I’m hungry” down, though. Ha ha. My kid).
  • That biomedical treatments, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and holistic medicine were both accepted as “legitimate” and covered by insurance. There is little that frustrates me more than to know there’s someone nearby who can help, but there’s no way we could ever afford to see them.
  • There was a GF pizza in existence that tasted like… pizza! There. I said it. You’re welcome!
  • That I wasn’t always broke because of buying foods, supplements, natural medicines, etc. that help my child, but aren’t paid for by insurance like a chemical-filled prescription drug would be.
  • The world was more educated about Autism.
  • That those within this ASD world didn’t judge each other so much. Now, I will admit to being guilty of this one. I’ll read message board or blog posts and say “what!?” right out loud.

    He thinks those trying to treat it/cure it are crazy. She thinks you are crazy to still give your kid chicken McNuggets and Hawaiian Punch. He thinks you need to pray more. She thinks Autism should just be accepted as a culture. You think they have it easy because their kid can “pass.” They think you are lucky because your child’s diagnosis and eligibility for services are never called into question. Etc. Etc. Etc. On and on. It’s human nature, I suppose. We all think our way is best, or we wouldn’t do it.

I wish a lot of things were different. Overall, I’m blessed with what I have.


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