Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

IEP goals!

So, Emily had her last “official” day of school yesterday (she’ll start Extended School Year/Summer School on June 10th). Her teacher sent home a printout with updates on her first seven IEP goals… she’s met the STO (short-term objective, I think it means) on six of them, and is making progress on the seventh!

They include:

  1. Sitting at circle time for 15 minutes (she’s up to five, so that’s the “in progress” one).
  2. Completing transitions with two or less prompts (sometimes none!), without “behavioral overreaction.”
  3. Taking turns (the teacher wrote “good job, Emily!” by this one). 🙂
  4. Calling her name and saying “look at me” got a response 3/5 times. Apparently, she says “eyes” to remind herself where to look!
  5. Completes toileting routine with minimal-moderate prompting.
  6. *Imitates the writing of a circle, “X” and “+”
  7. *Cutting paper within 1/2″ of the line.

I’m so proud of my little bean! 🙂

* = Not quite sure why they were so concerned about these two, but I guess they know more than I do about the “bigger picture” of motor skills.


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