Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

Can I be frank?

Autism sucks.

I want it dead and away from my child and my family. And yours (if you want that, some don’t).

The past week or so has been a total nightmare and I just want it to STOP!

Emily was making such great progress, and now… regression. A big one!

We’ve even had another major potty training setback. She actually screamed, “no potty break! diaper change!!” at me the other day, then proceeded to pee all over the bathroom. She’s gone pee on the potty a total of once since that day. Good times. Good times. Especially when money is tight, and your supply of GoodNites was expected to last a heck of a lot longer. 😦

She’s done some bizarre behaviors this week. Even for her, they’re odd. Based on many of her symptoms (some of which are TMI, so I’ll spare you), my best guess is a yeast overgrowth/infection.

I got her a new, stronger probiotic… one that doesn’t say “may contain traces of milk protein” in tiny print. Ugh. How’d I miss that?

Here’s to hoping she heals from this and can get back to where she was.


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