Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

Said No ASD Parent Ever

One of the Facebook groups I’m in had a “things special needs parents never say” thread. These are the ones I related to most.

“Well that was an uneventful day.”

“Man all this sleep I’m getting. I really need to be woken up more at night.”

“Financial aid? No thanks, I’m thrilled to pay for diapers well out of infancy.”

“An evening out, no thanks…I go out without my kids all the time!”

“Oh no, I don’t need a break; I get plenty of “me” time…”

“Well honey today went smooth…there were absolutely no issues today as a matter of fact it was pretty boring”

“Of course i just LOVE being screamed at and punched by my 7 year old. Of course he’ll grow out of it.”

“Can you please play that DVD again? It has been sooo long since the last time!”

“No problem at all, my child is very flexible and can adjust to any last minute changes you care to make.”

“This parenting thing is so easy. I have way too much extra money. My husband and I always get to have fun together.”

“Kids practically raise themselves.”

“I have time for that.”

“Oh, I’m off on a night out as I have so many people prepared to babysit! I also feel blessed with all this help I am being given without a fight!”

“Oh honey, let’s have another child!”

And my personal favorite…
“I’m bored.”


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