Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

First of all, please forgive my long absence from blogging. I’ve been very distracted lately. I’m here now, though. 🙂

I want to catch you up on something that happened to me at the end of September.

The back story would be far too complicated and long to put here, plus, it identifies me quite a bit. This blog is semi-anonymous, after all (I say semi, as people who know me do come here). I’ve done this mostly because of my husband and his work. He doesn’t like personal stuff put out there too much, so I keep his name and mine hidden to accomplish that goal.

ANYway, I’ll give you the “nutshell” version of the back story: there’s a person I used to know who is relatively well-known (more so 20 years ago, but, still…). A fan/groupie/minion of this person (from here on referred to only as “Fangroupieminion”) likes to attack people via Twitter if they happen to say anything about said former friend that she deems inappropriate. And her definition of inappropriate and yours are likely nowhere NEAR the same, believe me.

So, at the end of last month, someone (not me) started a new Twitter account with the express purpose of posting an unflattering (yet 100% honest) video of this “well-known” person. Fangroupieminion decided this fake account was mine and began to attack according to that assumption.

Straight out of the gate, I was called an “Autism lover.” Umm… okay. Loving a child with Autism does not mean I love Autism. Just so we’re clear on that. In fact, I hate… loathe… detest Autism. Such a strange thing to call someone. What the heck? Is that the “(N-word) lover” for this millennium, or what? Besides, even if I was in lust with Autism, that would be between Autism and I. It’s private. 😉

Next, she said, “…like the mom of a re re you are.” Okay, getting into dangerous territory there, but refraining a bit.

Then it got worse. A lot worse.

Among the horrible things said were the usual childish things, like calling me fat or whatnot. That, I could care less about. Then there was telling me I need a man, which is hilarious, coming from someone chasing after married celebrities (not just this one… several). By the way, I’m happily married, thanks.

Then Fangroupieminion hits me with, “why don’t you do something useful, like take care of your [R-worded] kid, or kill yourself?”
Are you kidding me? We still call people the R-word in this century? Really?

As if this wasn’t bad enough, she comes back with, “…kill your kid!”
Oh NO she didn’t!!! So, I replied, “did you really just say that?”
“Yup, sure did. Take it off of my hands!”

Okay… what?? Who SAYS stuff like this??

It went on from there, with more use of the R-word, her and her friends saying we needed to be thrown into traffic… you know… your average Monday night tweets, right? *eye roll*

She also emailed a friend of mine who is a Special Ed teacher, asking, “how’s it feel to be a [R-word] teacher?” Wow, she was on a roll that night, huh?

I actually re-tweeted the stuff about killing my child, since many of my twitter followers are ASD parents and I wanted them to see it. I’m guessing this scared her, because she went to a “protected account,” making the re-tweet disappear. It has since gone back to public, with her hatespeech replaced with a statement saying she cleaned up her timeline because “talking to trash gets you trash.”

Yeah. Right. More like you didn’t want anyone to see what you said about a special needs child.
Coward. Ignorant coward.

Fangroupieminion is not worth any more of my time. I will no longer respond to anything she says.


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