Adventures With Autism and Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle


By being on the Autism-related message boards of BabyCenter, I’ve found myself writing (and speaking) in initials or shorthand much of the time.

Usually, I’ll write something out the long way first, then abbreviate any subsequent references. However, if I forget to do that, here’s a list of abbreviations, nicknames, or shorthand I’m likely to use.

  • ABA: Applied Behavioral Analysis (behavioral therapy)
  • ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • DH: Darling Husband (my hubby, Emily’s daddy)*
  • Doc: Emily’s Pediatrician
  • Emily’s Mommy: my identity on this blog*
  • GF: Gluten Free (a special diet where one doesn’t consume wheat gluten, or items/recipes that do not contain it)
  • HFA: High-Functioning Autism
  • PDD: Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Autism and similar conditions)
  • ST: Speech Therapy


The reason only Emily is called by name is two-fold: to place the focus on her, and to provide our family a certain amount of anonymity, given the very open and personal nature of this blog.

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