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She called herself by name!

Emily loooooves to label, so we do a thing where I point at whoever is in the room (one by one) and ask “who’s that?” When we get to her, she almost always says “baby!” A couple of times, she’s said, “me!” So, today, out of nowhere, this happened…

Me: Who’s that?
Emily: Grandma!
Me: Who’s that?
Emily: Maggie! (dog)

Me: Who am I?
Emily: Mommy!

Me: Who are you?
Emily: Emily!

My jaw dropped! I praised her like mad!! When Daddy got home, we tried it again and she said Emily that time, too! 🙂

Thursday: Best Day Ever

So, I go to pick up Emily from school on Thursday and her teacher says, “I’m not even kidding… best day she’s ever had!” She listened, she talked more (!!), she “sang every song and did every move.”

Way to go, Emily!! I guess that week you took off due to head lice made you miss school that much. 😉

IEP goals!

So, Emily had her last “official” day of school yesterday (she’ll start Extended School Year/Summer School on June 10th). Her teacher sent home a printout with updates on her first seven IEP goals… she’s met the STO (short-term objective, I think it means) on six of them, and is making progress on the seventh!

Much better!

Today was pretty good. We went to two places I feared may cause a meltdown and Emily handled both like a champ. She was a bit… “stimmy” at one, but overall did great.

I’m so proud of her. 🙂

We’re making grain-free peanut butter cookies now, which I’m sure she’ll be happy about.

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Two HUGE things…


An eventful week, part 2/3

So, about school…


An eventful week, part 1/3

I’m sorry it’s been so long. We’ve been going through the process of getting Emily placed in school. She started this week! Yay!!

She missed Monday due to a horrid cough, which we went to her doctor about. Turned out to be Croup!


There is kindness out there

So, following my last class in Medical Assisting (woo!), we went out to celebrate (DH, Emily and I).

We went to a local sushi place that has become a favorite spot of ours. It’s really good, all you can eat, made to order (!), for $20 ($13 at lunch time, with a slightly smaller menu).

I should preface this next bit with some information on Emily and restaurants. In short: she’s not a fan of them, generally. The kitchen noises, people moving all over, and whatever else it is she doesn’t like.

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Emily was so great for my birthday!

From the moment she got up, to the moment she went to sleep, she was so good! So patient, so pleasant, so responsive.

It was a complete 180 from the previous nightmare of a day, so I was all the more thankful.

I think it may have had something to do with having her new James train (from Thomas the Tank Engine) along. She played with him in the restaurant when we went out to dinner with my mom, and it kept her very calm. Restaurants are usually meltdown triggers, so that was wonderful!

Anyway, I just wanted to brag about her. Thank you, Emily!

It would’ve been a nearly stress-free day, if I hadn’t gotten lost and taken two hours to reach the restaurant (normally about a 30-40 minute trip). Oh well, can’t win ’em all. It worked out fine. 🙂