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She’s British Today

When Emily scripts, she usually uses the exact tone of voice/inflection the person/character she learned it from used. That’s pretty standard for scripting behavior, I think.

So, today, I discovered she does something else… accents.

She is currently scripting from Peppa Pig, and is pronouncing “George” with Peppa’s British accent. Hee hee.

What’s really funny is she has family members named George, so it’s not like that’s her only source of the name.

I guess it sounds like a different name to her. There’s the name George, then there’s Peppa’s little brother, British-style George. 😉

Cute of the Day

Emily is currently in an epsom salt and baking soda bath, soaking away the day’s yuckies.

I set her toy giraffe up on the side of the tub, and he fell in the water. I said, “oh no, I’m sorry Mr. Giraffe!”

Emily looks down at him, then says, “he’s okay.”

Hee hee hee.

Cute of the Day

  • While watching Blue’s Big Musical: Periwinkle (a cat who does magic tricks) said, “I, the amazing Periwinkle…” Emily echoes back, looking at me, “I, the amazing Mommy!” I teared up, even though it was just a script. 😉

    A few minutes later, DH got in the car to go to lunch with us, and it was, “I, the amazing Daddy!” 😉

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Two HUGE things…


“…as long as I’m okay.”

Emily broke a coffee mug today (by accident).

She was saying “uh oh, uh oh… oh no” in a loop, while sounding increasingly nervous. I checked her hands and feet for cuts, as she had tried picking up the cup as I came in the room.

I asked if she was okay and told her not to touch the broken cup. I told her she wasn’t in trouble, it was just an accident.

She responded with “it’s all right, as long as I’m okay.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and paraphrase it back to her. 😉

I got a hug afterward, too. ❤