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Thursday: Best Day Ever

So, I go to pick up Emily from school on Thursday and her teacher says, “I’m not even kidding… best day she’s ever had!” She listened, she talked more (!!), she “sang every song and did every move.”

Way to go, Emily!! I guess that week you took off due to head lice made you miss school that much. 😉


IEP goals!

So, Emily had her last “official” day of school yesterday (she’ll start Extended School Year/Summer School on June 10th). Her teacher sent home a printout with updates on her first seven IEP goals… she’s met the STO (short-term objective, I think it means) on six of them, and is making progress on the seventh!

New IEP meeting

I’ll write more about it soon (after I’ve had some sleep), but for now, I’ll just say it went well.

Emily’s teacher really seems to care about her. It’s very sweet. The whole team is very dedicated to truly helping her reach goals.

Also, I discovered the lady I’ve pretty much bonded with at the school gate during drop-off and pick-up is going to be Emily’s Kindergarten teacher. Yay! Emily seems to like her, too, so awesome. Ahead of the game!

An eventful week, part 2/3

So, about school…


An eventful week, part 1/3

I’m sorry it’s been so long. We’ve been going through the process of getting Emily placed in school. She started this week! Yay!!

She missed Monday due to a horrid cough, which we went to her doctor about. Turned out to be Croup!