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The real cost of cosmetics

“Story of Cosmetics”

*sigh* And we wonder why our generation has seen such a rise in cancer, and why we’re all having Autistic children. Mmm hmm. Probably because in our great-grandmothers’ generation, they didn’t put all these things on and in their bodies!



It seems that when Emily makes gains in one area, another suffers.

For instance, she’ll pick up new “owned” words (or suddenly pronounce things better), but she’ll start hitting more.

She’ll learn a new skill, but seemingly lose another.

I realize the Autistic brain is “wired” differently, so I’m guessing it has something to do with that. One part of the brain is more active, so another either dwindles in activity, or … misfires, so to speak.

Anyone else have opinions or input on this?

Not a good day

So, today was bad. Emily has been a screaming, violent mess. *sigh*

Judging by many of her symptoms: demanding sweets of all types (when I say no, she smacks me, then switches to a different sweet), being grumpy in general, saying “owie” when I clean her “girl parts,” I’d say there’s a yeast overgrowth problem. Sugar feeds yeast, so she tends to crave sweets when there’s an issue.

So, upping probiotics to kick it out.

Whatever it is, I don’t enjoy being beaten by a kid who hits as hard as an adult. Not fun.

I Wish…

I’ve said a lot of “I wish…,” “I hope” and “I pray” lately. I thought I’d make a list.

Maybe some will come true and I’ll be able to remind myself where we started from.

I wish/hope/pray…


Holy regression, Batman!

*sigh* So, you know that kid who’d been making all sorts of progress?

The one who randomly started stringing more words together? The one who hasn’t hit herself or others in ages? The one who started sleeping on such a great schedule? The one who was suddenly easier to parent?

She’s gone.
Hopefully, she’s only on vacation.



Minimizing Autism Risks

Reading things like that really… breaks me. To see all the things I did wrong spelled out in front of me. To see that the changes I have planned are only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s all so overwhelming. I feel like it’s all my fault. My daughter’s struggles are my doing, because I was ignorant to the healthy ways of doing things.

An eventful week, part 1/3

I’m sorry it’s been so long. We’ve been going through the process of getting Emily placed in school. She started this week! Yay!!

She missed Monday due to a horrid cough, which we went to her doctor about. Turned out to be Croup!