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“The drink”

So, I take this Flax milk (with a fantastic amount of Omegas!).


Mix in a packet of Culturelle Kids (for gut issues).


Mix in a bit of this (because it’s her favorite and flax milk isn’t the yummiest thing on Earth).


And you get Emily’s “happy drink.” On many days, she gets it more than once.

She loves it and I noticed changes in her right away, mostly in her mood (hence the term “happy drink”). More dramatic was how different she was during the period we couldn’t get ahold of more flax milk – she raged a war against sleeping and was very quick to tears.

Walmart is where I originally purchased flax milk, then they seemingly stopped carrying it and I couldn’t find it elsewhere, either. Finally, I got it on a shelf (rather than the “milk fridge” section) in the natural foods area at Raley’s. Since it’s the type of container that doesn’t require refrigeration until it’s open, we can keep a stock (plus they have an unsweetened one). Score!

Just wanted to share that, in case it helps anyone else. 🙂