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Said No ASD Parent Ever

One of the Facebook groups I’m in had a “things special needs parents never say” thread. These are the ones I related to most.


Cute of the Day

  • While watching Blue’s Big Musical: Periwinkle (a cat who does magic tricks) said, “I, the amazing Periwinkle…” Emily echoes back, looking at me, “I, the amazing Mommy!” I teared up, even though it was just a script. 😉

    A few minutes later, DH got in the car to go to lunch with us, and it was, “I, the amazing Daddy!” 😉

“…as long as I’m okay.”

Emily broke a coffee mug today (by accident).

She was saying “uh oh, uh oh… oh no” in a loop, while sounding increasingly nervous. I checked her hands and feet for cuts, as she had tried picking up the cup as I came in the room.

I asked if she was okay and told her not to touch the broken cup. I told her she wasn’t in trouble, it was just an accident.

She responded with “it’s all right, as long as I’m okay.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and paraphrase it back to her. 😉

I got a hug afterward, too. ❤

Without Autism…

“If we didn’t have Autism in the world, you would have a bunch of people standing in a cave chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.” -Temple Grandin